Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Full-time Babysitter

Yes, I am now a full-time babysitter, minding my very own little daughter, Lauren. My gorgeous wife has started her 6-month practical as part of her final semester ever.

Fie has started working as a trainee at Rakannusa, a chemical company in Indera Mahkota. It's rather luckily just a 15-minute drive from home, 30 minutes on the way back due to the peak hour jams. Yesterday was her first day and she thinks she gave a good first impression. This morning she took a picture of me and Lauren to put on her desk. Isn't that cute?!

My first full day with Lauren went very well, she was perfectly behaved and we had a great time together. Today I have one tuition class in the afternoon so our neighbour will be coming round to help look after Lauren for a while.

If Fidelia is lucky, Rakannusa may ask her to stay on and start working permanently there after the period of her practical is over.


  1. Your gorgeous wifeJanuary 6, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    Thank honey! You are a great babysitter and househusband. Love u!

  2. Thanks! Lauren is so well-behaved that it makes my job a lot easier!


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