Wednesday, January 6, 2010

30 seconds of fame!

Well, I'm very excited as last night I was on the television! Yes, that's right, I was on TV in Malaysia! Wow, it feels so good, even if it was for a minute or so.

An email I sent in to Football Focus appeared first out of the 'Postbag', an area of the show where the pundits comment on viewer's email remarks. Duncan Horne from Malaysia was up first and I could barely believe my eyes! We crowded round the TV set as Andrew Leci read out my email. However, the joy was short-lived as Paul Masefield put a real dampener on my excitement as he immediately dismissed my point as 'a daft question'.

Oh well, Jamie Reeves did say something and had a short chuckle about it, but I didn't quite catch what he said.

I'll get you next time 'Mase' and you better be ready for a more lengthy dicussion!

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