Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Breakfast at Old Town

We like to go eat breakfast with our friends every Saturday morning at Old Town White Coffee. Good food at good prices and it's convenient for us.

Last Saturday I managed to photograph a scene at Old Town White Coffee of a typical family gathered around a circular table enjoying breakfast together:

A family enjoys breakfast at Old Town White Coffee, Star City, Kuantan

Do you like eating out for breakfast? If so, where?


  1. We usually go out for breakfast once a week at Denney's because it's right by the Giant Eagle where we shop right after. Sometimes though we will break out of this routine and eat at Perkins, iHop or Hometown Buffet depending what coupons we have.

  2. i had nasi dagang at the last stall in front of the Tanjung Api fish market.

  3. I love breakfast. In fact, breakfast is my favourite part of the day! I usually have my breakfast at home. My husband likes Chinese food for breakfast so sometimes, we have our breakfast at Chinese restaurant in KK. I like Old Town as well and my favourite is Asam Laksa Old Town. Yum!!

  4. I love eating out. I have a favorite for each meal.

  5. Eating breakfast out is my favorite meal - unfortunately my wife seems to take forever to get ready and is not a morning out person. I used to love the coffee shop at the Palms resort, but the redid the menu and dropped the fresh orange juice (almost the only place in the city that had fresh juice vs frozen stuff) and I am at a loss to find a replacement.

  6. I love Dim Sum and roti telur for breakfast. Old Town is not bad!


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