Monday, November 11, 2013

Stray cats - awfully cute, but a nuisance

Yes, the stray cats who have made our staircase their home are smelly and dirty, leaving their excrement behind, and spend the days and nights loitering here.

But, they are so cute!


  1. What cute kittens.

    Thanks for your invitation.
    I'm excited to be there, but I do not quite how it should be done.
    Shall I put a picture of myself every day that is linked to your blog?
    Could that be what the pictures anytime that were taken in 2013?
    I'm not so good at English so it's a bit hard ibland.Jag may well ask our son for help.
    When do I decide?
    Kramizzzz and thanks again

  2. I would be the one trying to save them.

  3. We have several stray cats that have taken up residency in our back yard, but they all run when approached. My wife still feeds them so they stay.

  4. Yes, they are cute but yeah pooping on our stairs? Not good!


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