Monday, November 18, 2013

Bracing ourselves for the rainy season

The rainy season, or monsoon season, will be in full force any day now across Malaysia.

We have torrential rains, and last year saw the worst flooding in Kuantan for over 50 years. But we are fortunate enough not to endure storms of the like which have battered the Philippines in recent days.

While the rainy season presents challenges for us in Kuantan, I realise it pales in comparison to the natural disasters other parts of Asia and America have received in recent times.

Nevertheless, we are bracing ourselves . . .


  1. Fantastic rain shot, Duncan! It's really good.

  2. After being in Malaysia for a while, I'm sure you have better experience with the rain. With global warming, storms can get stronger though.

    be safe

  3. What a FABULOUS photo with the clarity close up and hazy rain in the background.

  4. Hi Duncan,

    I did think about you only the other day, was wondering about the rainy season, and if it had hit yet.

    We're in the 'icy' season here in Leicestershire. Bet you can't remember those days?

  5. Stay safe. May all be well and healthy


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