Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Law of Success

Is there some "magic" law that brings success, or are there certain rules and principles which if followed, will bring success? 

Today I'm posting at Dan Brown Portal about Napoleon Hill's "The Law of Success".

Have you read the book? Would you like to? Hop over to the blog and let me know!

Wherever you are, have a great Tuesday!


  1. the law of success is sounds interesting checkout my blog at
    feel free to leave a comment

  2. Yes, this book looks interesting. Greetings.

  3. Hi Steve, thanks for following along!
    Leovi, it is interesting but it's a thick book!

  4. Funny thing, I wonder the author who wrote that book considers himself a "Success GURU" ! I have a fried who is a successful psychologist and marriage counselor but fail marriages; three times !!!!!

  5. Yes Wong, I've come across people like that in my life too!


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