Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blog-hop Saturday

Hi everyone, today is blog-hop Saturday. I have 5 blogs which I am independently running, so today I'm inviting you over to explore my work outside of *Our home called Kuantan*

At Dan Brown Portal I am introducing a fascinating book entitled "Secrets of Angels & Demons". Any Dan Brown fan will love this blog!

At Horne Learning Services I am discussing how our first English lesson went via skype to Russia!

At my Kuantan nature blog you may browse some summer pictures of flowers in great colour to brighten up your day!

And here you can have a look at some of my favourite photos from down the years in Kuantan.

I hope you find something interesting from these picks. Which blog did you visit?

Have a great weekend!


  1. You are a talented photographer and you are doing great work in these blogs, congratulations and thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend to you and your adorable family!

  2. Ok, I visited the Learning Services blog as well as the beautiful flower photos one.
    Do you mean you broadcast to Russia from Pahang? Is it an internet school type thing or what.
    I did not see any photos of your daughters, always a treat.
    Best wishes to you all Duncan.

  3. Visited all your blogs, Duncan. Good read and good photography. Wish you luck in your endeavour - especially English via Skype.

  4. Thank you Leia for your kind words!

    Anthony, we are simply giving English lessons via skype from our home here in Kuantan to a student in Russia. This family from Russia came to Kuantan on holiday earlier this year and wish to continue learning with me now they're back home. The internet is a great thing! My daughters are featured in the post right below this one!

    Lili, thanks for making it around my blogs and for taking the time to leave comments!

  5. I went to the nature blog. I will have to check the rest out later.

  6. Hi Duncan,
    I visited the nature blog and am bookmarking that one for Elliot's research project on Indonesia. Your family blog and the learning services blog are also great!

  7. It's amazing that you have five blogs. Lovely photos, as always.

  8. Thanks Randy, Jenny and Missed Periods. Appreciate your visits!

  9. Busy busy, I only manage 2 blogs; one photography and one on my work for my students ! You are talented.

  10. Thanks Wong, it gets easier once I started being organised with them!


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