Monday, October 22, 2012

Our great stay at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan

To celebrate my birthday last week, we stayed one night at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan. And what a great time we had there!

Swiss Garden Resort & Spa lies 20 minutes up the coast from Teluk Chempedak. It is accessed via Jalan Beserah from Kuantan town. It is far out from the town area, but it offers many activities and is famous with both locals and tourists alike.

For a more detailed description of Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan, and our journey there, accompanied by more photos from a previous visit, you may follow this link.

The entrance and lobby area of Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, is spectacular to say the least.

The marvellous lobby at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

View of the Front Desk at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

A piano waits in the lobby. Every night a pianist provides lovely music to fill the lobby at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa

We stayed in a sea-facing room and were not disappointed with its size, quality and cleanliness.

We stayed in room 8406, on the top floor at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

The bathroom was very nice and comfortable. It was Leah's favourite part of our room!

We had a lovely balcony at our room which gave us beautiful views of the swimming pool, hotel and beach.

The swimming pool and surroundings at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

Sea-facing rooms at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

Panoramic view of Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan, from our 4th floor balcony

We took the children to the games area at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa. There are lots of arcade games, a pool table, painting, table tennis, darts, Nintendo Wii, and Tupai Kids Club, alongside a gym. Despite a lack of any staff at Tupai Kids Club, we walked right in and made ourselves at home!

Clockwise from top left: playing pool, painting, Tupai Kids Club, Convenience Store at lobby level, Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan sits right on the beach front. Around 5pm we went out for a play in the sand.

Heading to the beach at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

Playing on the beach at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

The girls having fun at the beach

Heading to the sea at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

Panoramic view of the beach at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

At night we ordered food via in-room service and we were thrilled with what we received. The food we ordered arrived in little plastic boxes with lids, all inside a large paper bag. And the food itself was also delicious. Well worth the money. Swiss Garden Resort & Spa was also kind enough to give me a free birthday cake in conjunction with my 30th birthday!

Here are a few photos we took of the hotel at night:

Breakfast the next morning was great. Lots of variety and once again the food tasted very nice, and for once, the air-conditioning wasn't too cold!

Clockwise from top left: View of the breakfast room; I helped myself to the salad on offer; View inside the breakfast room; Strawberry crumble and cream

Overall we had a tremendous time at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan and we are looking forward already, to our next stay there!


  1. Looks absolutely wonderful! Wishing you a happy belated birthday, looks like you had a great one. I love the photo of Lauren and Leah on the beach! It's amazing how much they've grown!

    1. True my lens: thank you very much, and the children are growing way too fast!

  2. Reception hall is huge, rooms are big, nice!

    1. Hi Wong, I do love spacious places a lot, so this was perfect.

  3. looks like a fantastic place. It's great they had family-fun stuff for your daughters. I remember my parents taking me and my brothers to places that BORED us to no end.

    1. Hi Adam, it's kind of like 'if the children are happy, we're happy!'

  4. Nice hotel and nice views from the balcony. A belated happy birthday to you, Duncan!

  5. Hi Duncan. I was so pleased that you were finally able to celebrate your special birthday in such a lovely way. What a treat! What a fantastic lobby, and your room and view looked just fantastic. Loved your photos, as always. Hope you are now fully recovered my friend.

    1. Hi Diane, yes I am fully recovered and feeling very well once more. Once again thank you for the birthdsy wishes and the concern over my health.

  6. Hi Duncan,
    You certainly chose a great place for a getaway! Fantastic resort and such wonderful enjoyment for your family. I remember when our kids were as young as yours... they were so much fun! By the way, thank you very much for your frequent visits :^)

    1. Hi Doug,

      It's all about keeping the children happy!
      I always love visiting your blog and enjoying your great photos!

  7. Happy Birthday, what an amazing resort , a perfect place to celebrate your birthday!
    Wonderful pictures!
    You have a blessed family!

  8. Beautiful photos of this excellent hotel with luxury rooms, I love it. Greetings.

  9. Happy belated birthday Duncan. Wishing you many many more. This place looks fantastic.

  10. Hello Duncan.
    What a lovely birthday weekend.
    Sooo beautiful and so clean it is there.
    Wonderful rooms and spaces.
    Which is impressive pillars in the lobby.
    I understand that you enjoyed when you celebrate you.
    Beach pictures are lovely. So great little one has become.
    I do not think it was a long time since she was a baby.
    Really nice family card.
    The images and collages are brilliant.
    Have really good.
    Health family.
    Kramizzzz / / Lotta

    1. Hi Lotta, thanks for your comments. The hotel was great and the children are really growing so fast!

  11. Gorgeous pictures as always and Lauren is always the star.

    1. Thanks for visiting Odie, Lauren does steal the show doesn't she?!

  12. Shalom Duncan. You have such sweet little girls. Glad to "meet" you all. Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    See you again.

    1. Hi Dina, it's great to meet you too and looking forward to more interaction online!


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