Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Flashbacks Saturday (20th October, 2012)

Welcome to Blog Flashbacks Saturday, where I take you on a trip down memory lane to see what was going on one, two and three years ago this month. Hope you enjoy what's on offer!

Last year in October I documented The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall in Kuantan, much to the delight of Diane! Click the link to remind yourself of this lovely Kuantan attraction.

Back in 2010 we visited the Lao Zi Dragon Temple and came across these fantastic orchids! 

In 2009 I posted a lengthy and detailed document on Galileo Galilei, the great astronomer of the renaissance. Unfortunately, despite receiving many page views, this article has just one comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts about Galileo and this important time in history!

Enjoy the tour and let me know which event/post you liked best. Don't forget to check out Leovi's recent guest post if you haven't already done so!

Wherever you are, have a super weekend!!


  1. That orchid has some wonderful color.

  2. It's fun to have flashbacks. You can never predict which posts will get all the comments, everyone likes different things :)

  3. I hope I can be forgiven for my late discovery of your article on Galileo. So lovely to go back in time to rediscover past observations. I really enjoy this most.
    Lovey orchid, too.

  4. Hi Duncan. I must say that this is a really good idea for a post, to show what you were doing at this time in previous years. You will know which of the posts mentioned is my very favourite!! The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall, and I still love the photo that you have included with this post!! Hope you are now feeling much stronger again.

  5. Very interesting post Duncan!The orchid is magnificent!

  6. I like the flashback idea...and now I am off to read about Galileo. :-)


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