Friday, July 27, 2012

Spending time at Taman Gelora

We recently took our Russian friends to Taman Gelora. Regular visitors to my blog will know all about Taman Gelora from previous posts. It's a beautiful, tranquil park by the beach where people love to go jogging in the evening and where it is not so hot due to the bounteous trees blocking out a good portion of the sun's rays. Or if you're me, you love taking photographs at Taman Gelora!

In the distance is Teruntum Palace

I love the trees here. Following are some pictures dedicated to the trees of Taman Gelora . . .

This is my favourite photo. Just love all the tree trunks.


  1. Wonderful pictures as always Duncan. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Hi Duncan. Taman does, indeed, look a wonderful place with some awesome trees! Gorgeous photos both of the trees, and the family, along with your Russian friends. It must be lovely to be under the shade of those trees when the heat is at its fiercest. Have a good weekend my friend.

  3. It does seem like a beautiful place, love all the trees! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great views but how would it compare to our fabulous Bradgate Park with Old John, the reservoir and Lady Jane Grey's castle ruins?!?

  5. Odie, Diane, Dusty, thanks for your comments. It is such a nice place.

    Ros, Taman Gelora and Bradgate Park are two completely different places. Whilst Taman Gelora is very small, it does however, have lots of shade and is right on the beach front. But Bradgate Park is gigantic in comparison, and possesses those intriguing ruins and the steep hills and rocks. I used to love climbing the rocks when I was younger! I remember my mates and I cycled all the way from the top of the hill down the bumpy grass to the footpath at the bottom one wet afternoon! Lots of fun!


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