Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beach Chairs challenge!

Today I'm submitting my entry for the Beach Chairs Challenge organised by I was contacted via email with the offer to submit an entry in this competition to win a beach chair, so why not?!

The beach chair I chose, accompanied by a brainstorming session I held with it, is as follows:

The question is how this chair describes or defines me. So let me explain my ideas.

First off, this beach chair, like all beach chairs, is specifically designed for use on the beach. Like me, it wouldn't do very well in the water - we both don't swim with any proficiency! We are at our best on the sand, not in the sea.

Following is a list of similarities between the beach chair and myself. This will highlight just how much this beautiful beach chair really describes me perfectly.

The first thing I noticed was its red colour. I am a supporter of Manchester United, who likewise wear red, but that wasn't the best way its colour describes me. Like the chair, I go deep red when I spend too long in the heat of Malaysia, so I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only thing that turns red under the sun!

Which leads me to the lovely little roof on the beach chair. In the lofty temperatures of Malaysia, I need a 'roof' too. My trusty cap has served me well, but now I tend to follow the locals a little more and opt for the umbrella to keep those hot rays off my head.

Wherever I go, I am always carrying things with me - from my children, to my camera and phone, to English lessons in a folder. I was delighted to see that this beach chair described this very well with a few pouches to carry things of its own. Here's a picture of me carrying things:

This beach chair is plain, simple and very smart. When working, I also prefer to dress in this same manner, as can be seen above.

Next I looked at the chair's appendages, starting with the sleek, silver legs. This describes me very well as I have lean legs too. It's great to be in good shape!

Moving up to the arms, they are thin too. Same here. But the beach chair's arms are also stable and steady. This is a good description of my arms. Though they are relatively thin, a steady hand has allowed me to excel in art. Recently I drew this imaginary map - in pen:

I am very flexible in my work as an English teacher. Students are at various levels of proficiency and so my lessons have to be adapted as required. I'm also teaching English to a variety of ages and by different means. 

The beach chair folds up and unfolds very flexibly too. It also identifies itself by showing the logo in the top right corner. I too am typical of any businessman, and likewise carry my logo around on business cards.

I have been described by many as being too thin, but like this lovely beach chair, I'm a smart, lean, flexible machine!


  1. That's an excellent idea, good chair for the beach, full of imagination.

  2. That looks like a fun challange. Loved your post. Have a great day.

  3. Funny story how you describe similarity of the beach chair and yourself, looks like a winner !

  4. Leovi, Randy, Wong, thanks for dropping in. Let's hope I can win!


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