Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Damai Beach Resort, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

While we were over at Borneo last month we spent a night at Damai Beach Resort in Kuching in connection with Florianna's engagement.

We stayed in a beautiful wooden chalet beside the beach front.


Here are some pictures of the chalets and surrounding scenery at Damai Beach resort:

Next time I'd love to try that accommodation up on the hill!

We were pleasantly surprised when we entered our chalet. The room was set up nicely, there was carpet, big chairs, TV set, two lovely beds and an air-conditioner. It looked great!

The bathroom was fine but the water pressure was very low, making it difficult to enjoy a shower, and too time-consuming to fill up a bath.

We were connected to two other rooms, making three rooms comprising one chalet. There must have been a dozen youths in one connecting room and they were quite noisy until after 12 midnight. But we survived and had a great sleep.

Breakfast in the morning was adequate.

We had a good time at the swimming pool after breakfast. We hung out at the children's pool while my sisters went for a swim in the deeper pool.

We went to the beach after swimming but it was just way too hot to stay there long. Took the children for a quick dip in the sea and then retreated to the chalet before we got burned!


  1. That looks fabulous. We're not getting much of a summer in Leicester right now (as you probably know) and I would love to splash around in that pool and soak up a bit of sun!

  2. I love the chalet's interior. Looks like a great retreat. :-)

  3. fantastic post and Thanks for sharing this info. It's very helpful.
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  4. What a lovely place to stay, it looks similar to place we stayed on a Thai island. A perfect place!

  5. Looks like you had a great time. Have you stayed there before. The pic of Leah in the chair looking so confident makes me smile. Nice pool pics.

  6. Wooowww så mysigt Där skulle jag också vilja tillbringa några dagar.
    Så fin stugan är inne.
    Vackert med målningarna eller tyget som är uppsatt ovanför sängarna.
    Jag förstår att ni trivdes.Det skulla jag ocks ha gjort.
    Du verkar så så snäll och rar,och berömmer din fru så ofta.Det är så gulligt.
    ha det toppen och hälsa familjen ifrån Sverige.

  7. Hi Duncan,

    Cool photos, and love the new blog layout so clear, looks like the family had a good time.

    Keep Blogging and thought of you when Federer won lol

    Regards John J Foster - In Sunny Malaysia.

  8. Thanks to all who have dropped a comment here. We visited this place before, but this was the first time we stayed here for a night.

    John, I have a few blog friends now who always think of me when watching Federer :)


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