Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, Kuching

We had one of the finer experiences while we stayed at the beautiful Four Points Hotel in Kuching, Malaysia last month.

Four Points Hotel is a great glass structure which is conveniently located around 2km from Kuching International Airport (KIA) and a 15-20 minute drive from the town centre by the Waterfront.

From the moment we walked in, our bags were relieved from us and an attendant named Harris escorted us off to our room. Harris was well dressed and mannered and had a pleasant little chat with us. He introduced us to our room and made us feel entirely at home. When it comes to good hotels, first impressions do count for me, and Harris got us off to a lovely start!


We were really impressed with the room and bathroom. It was quite superb. Here are some photos:

The room was simple and spacious - just what I like.

Groovy air-conditioning control on the wall

Leah admiring the view of Kuching from our room window

And now for the bathroom . . .

Leah enjoyed walking up and down the bath tub!

Leah admiring the . . . toilet, of all places!

Do you like your shower hot or cold?

Overlooking the main entrance and lobby from the floor above

At Four Points Hotel, Kuching, you take a small elevator from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor to access the swimming pool

There is an adults pool and a 30cm deep children's pool

I like to use what the hotel provides - in this case some nice white night robes! Lauren didn't join us in this picture because the sun was too bright for her :)

Four Points Hotel Kuching looks great both inside and out

At night, while Fie went out for dinner with her dad and sister, Lauren and I ordered the room service and they brought in our food on a foldable table!

We had a lovely stay on the 9th floor at Four Points Hotel, Kuching. There was a lovely view of the airport from the windows by the elevators and we watched the planes take off and land a number of times.

Breakfast in the morning was nice and there was a lot of options

Some family pictures around Four Points Hotel Kuching . . .

Overall, we had a lovely time at Four Points Hotel Kuching, and I'd stay there again any time :)


  1. Wow, I'm blown away with it's space and beauty. We don't have anything close to that here in North Carolina. Very impressed. Great photography.

  2. That's a lovely hotel, very luxurious.

  3. Now that's what I call a hotel! Nothing like that here in Leicester either.

  4. Thanks Odie, Joanna and Ros, when are you coming here to experience these lovely hotels for yourselves?!

  5. This hotel must be part of a group we have used in other parts of the world, the rooms all look so similar in design, it is a layout that works well. You obviously enjoyed your stay.

  6. Hi Linda, yes, this hotel is part of the Sheraton group. We really did have a delightful time there!


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