Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Universiti Malaysia Pahang

This is one of the corridors which Fie has walked down many times before in Universiti Malaysia Pahang's (UMP) new block containing offices and a library. But she will maybe never make one of those treks again. She is graduating later this year after she finishes her 6-month work experience.

We recently made the journey to Gambang so she could submit her final grades form and I took a few pictures whilst waiting. (Waiting is something I've got used to in Malaysia!)

I figured these were the waiting chairs, but we're not talking about 5 minutes, so I went for a stroll around the silent corridors where I encountered some little old ladies called cleaners who were warm but man-handled poor Lauren's cheeks like they were pieces of meat waiting to be ravaged. "Be careful!" Then they took her doll and waved it near her face like you would do to a 3-month-old baby to make it smile. "She's not a little baby any more, you know. She's grown up and can talk properly." But my thoughts never made it out in audible expressions.

So I hastily moved away and showed Lauren around.

I like these window slats. Here's another example of these cool air-vents:

There actually wasn't much to shoot, but I guess there normally isn't in university corridors.

Soon UMP will be but a memory for Fie. Life is always changing. New scenery comes and goes. She will remember UMP as the place of her education, of spending hours on the phone engaging incoming calls from England from a certain fiance, of travelling there from Kuantan and then back home again as an extremely rare off-campus married student. And despite all this, she still excelled with a final pointer of 2.99. (Surely they could have found an extra one-hundredth of a mark! Tight gits!)

The graduation ceremony will be the last time she will visit UMP. Then it's into the big wide world of work.


  1. Thanks babe! That is such a nice article! Love it! :-)

  2. Sorry I messed that one up!

  3. Well let's hope we manage to make it to her last visit there, for her graduation.
    (Things are a bit dicey at the moment and don't know where any of us will be by September/October).
    Love Mum xox

  4. Well, don't worry if you can't make it! It is on the other side of the planet, so it's not expected for you to be there for a somewhat boring few hours of waiting in very hot weather.


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