Monday, February 8, 2010


So our friend gave us a tiny terrapin on Sunday. He is a little sick though with some fluffy residue around his eyes and on his legs, but I love the tiny terrapin already. As you will see from the pictures, he is extremely cute and has the most beautiful patterned design all over his body and shell. He still doesn't want to eat though. Reminds me of a certain little Lauren at one stage!

He does enjoy his morning walk around the house as his little legs drag him onward ever onward.

Even his belly bears the marks of intricate design.


  1. Hope he gets better soon. My brother Stephen had a terrapin when we were young. Cute little thing. What can you do for him to make him well? Does Lauren like him?

  2. Lauren likes him but I don't know what to do for him. We have tried putting him in salt water a couple of times, but sadly he seems to be on his last legs and hanging on to life.

  3. Poor little thing. Dead already!

  4. Yes. It is with sadness that I can officially report the passing of our little terrapin on Wednesday 10th February, 2010.


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