Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Lauren

Aside from her tantrums and disobedience, Lauren is essentially a happy girl - and that is what today's post is all about. The above picture was taken on a lovely Sunday lunchtime after we had dropped off Abigail after our sacrament meeting. It was stiflingly hot in the car but Lauren still managed a nice shot.

Lauren now has no problems with mummy being at work during the day. She knows that mummy is coming back home later and will oftentimes bring back an edible treat for her. The late afternoon Sun shines on our balcony making it an ideal light for good pictures.

Here we demonstrate how happy we are and in the following picture we show our 'honey bear' pose:

Grandad Horne bought this xylophone for Lauren back in September 2008, and although the stick has been snapped in half by a certain little honey bear, it is still in decent working order.

Lauren is very happy with her toys, her cartoons and her sweets and chocolate! And she's pretty joyous in front of a camera too!


  1. your daughter is very sweet. Her laughter gives a smile on my face. :) Happy Weekend! Tina

  2. Thanks Tina! She certainly gives us plenty of smiles :)


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