Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Satisfying ramblings

The wife is at work and I'm currently chatting with her through facebook chat. She's sleepy but her lunch break is fast approaching. Speaking of lunch, I'll be preparing a nice English appetizer soon, consisting of baked beans, sausages and a nice fried egg with a good dollop of tomato sauce, perhaps a round of bread to wipe up all the remaining sauce from the beans.

I have just been chatting with a long-lost friend I recently connected with on facebook. What a modern marvel the internet is. What a great time to be alive in this technologically advanced world. Life is so much easier, which we would all do well to be more thankful for. My friend is currently doing volunteer service in Kenya and loving every minute of it. We joked about whether he had had any pirate encounters, but the beach where he does the bulk of his work is patrolled by 'samburu' with spears and clubs. (Kenya is bordered to the north by the lawless, pirate-infested shores of Somalia).

Yesterday, thanks to the miracle of the 'net I also reconnected with another friend from long ago. He is from America and planning to move back to Malaysia for a year, where we did service together many a year ago. Meeting up with old friends has become a regular occurrence of late, and a pleasant one too.

Lauren has just woken up from her nap, which she took at 11am for me. I have a class at 3.30pm so I needed her to sleep earlier than yesterday's time of 3.40pm! That was a late one. She's being good for me today so far. Sharon, our neighbour, will come to play with her during my class, and Lauren loves that hour!

Anyway, the stomach is aching to be filled and Lauren keeps telling me she's hungry, so I'm off to prepare that traditional English delight. Variation is key in food consumption and meal-time excitement!


  1. Nice one babe!

  2. So the first one is Jonno, or should I say Johhny? Can't guess who the second one is though...
    Enjoy the good old English grub!

  3. Yes the first one was indeed Jonno Harris. The second is Elder (Matthew) Lee, who is planning to come and work in Malaysia for a year.


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