Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monok (with a silent 'k')

This is Monok, Lauren's favourite doll. It is pronounced with a silent 'k' although sometimes she now speaks the 'k' sound at the end of his name. We don't know where the name came from. One day she just started calling him Monok.

In fact, Monok has a long history. He came into my own life by surprise when I discovered him in one of my suitcases at the MTC in Provo, Utah, shortly after I arrived for training for my two-year mission. He was, and in effect, still is, a David Beckham doll. (In the pictures he is minus his clothes - a football kit)

He followed me around on my mission all over Malaysia and Singapore and now made his way into my daughter's life where he is well-loved and has this curious new name. He shares many activities with Lauren, for example, doing the splits:

He also comes shopping with us, to the beach, and sometimes stays at home to sleep. Lauren enjoys having pictures taken with him, as she does with all of her other dolls, teddies and toys.

Don't they both look happy? And despite the arrival of many new dolls and teddies, Monok has always, and continues to, hold a special place in her heart.


  1. Oh, this is a lovely article babe!!! Love it!

  2. Duncan, I am really enjoying "Lauren week" and don't want it to end. Can we have a "Lauren MONTH" please? Monok is still looking good, despite the loss of his footy boots and lack of clothes. How cute that he has such a special place in Lauren's life. Lauren is looking pretty gorgeous too and I love, love, love her!

  3. Mum,the boots are still there. We covered them with Lauren's socks because the black stuff on the boots came off.

  4. Ah, I didn't realise. I thought you'd washed him and all the black had come off. I remember when we were there. the black came off his boots all over Lauren :)

  5. Mother, I know how superb it would be if every single post on this entire blog was about Lauren. However, there are some other things I need to blog about, places we visit, things we see, plus all the tennis when it comes to the four Grand Slams, and this June/July will see my blog undoubtedly inundated with World Cup results, news, predictions etc. But worry not, there will be plenty to read and see about Lauren!


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