Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lauren Approaching 23 Months

Just as Christmas is fast approaching, so Lauren's 2nd birthday is on the horizon. With just 35 days to go until she's 2, time seems to have flown by too fast! Here is a collection of images of her and her activities:

Lauren is getting in the Christmas mood with her Santa hat and joyous smiles

Here is Lauren's new room where she likes to play with her cooking set and teddy bears...

Here she is at the Pahang Buddhist Association gardens. This small path of stones is good for the blood circulation but would probably get many tears circulating if Lauren attempted it!

Lauren is good at certain stretches, this being her trademark show of suppleness!

After rummaging around a suitcase full of clothes, we extracted the following for her to try...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, Lauren certainly enjoyed viewing them!

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  1. Thanks Dunc! It's always good to see new pictures of Lauren. She's gorgeous as usual.


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