Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

Lauren enjoyed opening her presents on Christmas morning. Lauren had by far the most presents but we didn't mind as we loved watching her excitedly discover new toys emerging from beyond layers of wrapping paper.

Later that night we went to Dora's (our neighbour) house for Christmas dinner. We cooked a roast chicken with potatoes and gravy. Dora prepared the rest.

As gorgeous as the chicken and potatoes were, the star of the show was definitely the cake.

This cake was perfect for taking pictures and I'll show more a little later in the piece.

Ralph, the boy in the yellow shirt at the front, joined us. He's Melvin's friend and later we endured some good-old Christmas day drama as Ralph was disturbing the Carrom board while Melvin was shooting, so Melvin gave him a good hard kick before the game was finished by Sharon and I. (The next day they were friends again, incidently.)

After the Carrom game we feasted on the Christmas cake. It was beautifully made and, in a way, was rather a shame to eat, but it tasted as good as it looked.

Due to the previously mentioned drama, we came back on Boxing Day to take pictures around Dora's Christmas tree. They turned out pretty nice using the night mode with all but the tree lights illuminating the house.

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