Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 days to go

I am starting to really look forward to night time these days. The constant alternation between rain and Sun is one reason, but mostly it is because I love our house at night during Christmas! With the living room lights off and the Christmas tree lights and a couple of candles burning brightly, there is a beautiful warm, cosy, homey feel to our place. It's comfortable, relaxing and peaceful. The lights remind us of Christ, who is the light of the world; the star atop the tree represents the new star which arose at Christ's birth; the gifts surrounding the tree symbolise the giving and receiving of gifts, in particular the gift of Christ's atonement; the tree itself, being a conical/pyramidical shape, highlights our continual climb towards godhood, towards achieving the characteristics of Christ and developing the virtues which he so beautifully lived. Everything is symbolic and points to Jesus Christ.

Lauren is attracted to the lights and I've taken some lovely pictures of her with them. It's almost night time now...I'm off to relax amongst numerous reminders of Christ's birth, life and atoning sacrifice.


  1. Nice pics all. Christmas is actually a wonderful time to appreciate and share the joys of life. Lauren looked so beautiful, meditative and at peace.

  2. Yes she did, she's very good in front of the camera :) Thanks ordinary malaysian!


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