Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blummin' 'ell, it's Chriggy again!

If anyone didn't understand that slang English title, it roughly translates as "Wow, doesn't time fly fast, it's almost Christmas again!"

Yes it's time for the advent calendars to be dusted off and withdrawn from the attic and placed lovingly on window sills or near the tree. However, this year, we received the most brilliant advent calendar I've ever seen from my mum. Although it's officially for Lauren, me and Fie still very much enjoy looking at it, and hopefully, nibbling a chocolate here or there!

It will certainly be an exciting build-up to Christmas this year!


  1. I'm glad you like it so much! I saw it and I immediately thought of Lauren. There is only 1 little "corchoc" in each pocket-all intended for Lauren so don't go nibbling too much of it :)
    Enjoy, and I hope the pictures will get a discussion going each day about the REAL meaning of Christmas.
    Hmm at work it's now called "Religious Festival" rather than Christmas. You can guess how that went down with me at today's meeting!!!

  2. Yes, the best advent calender ever! Hope Leah gets one next year! :D

  3. Mum, sorry for the two years late reply! It's a great advent calendar!

    Fie, I'm sure Leah will have her own once she can eat chocolate :)


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