Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmasifying the house

There are ten days to Christmas Day and I remember my mum's favourite advent calendar of the nativity scene and in the bottom right corner lays a barrel whose door opens to reveal Santa Claus saying, "Only ten days to go!" or something to that effect. It was always our favourite door.

So with a week and a half to the big day, we have taken some steps to make our house warm and cosy for Christmas. Enjoy the pictures. We especially enjoyed being a little arty earlier in the week, using a piece of card and chocolate wrappers to create our own image of Christmas.

This fantastic Santa Claus advent calendar overlooks the tree. Meanwhile, below, lights shine warmly, representing the light of the world, whose birth we celebrate.

Let the art begin! These were the results:

Here is the tree complete with decorations, lights, artwork and presents:


  1. The first thing Rachel said to me this morning was that it was the day to open that really special door on my heirloom Advent calendar. I still felt the same rush of excitement I did when I was a girl of 11 when I first had the calendar. It was the biggest door, in the shape of a barrel, so was special to begin with. The message "Only 10 days to Christmas" just added to the excitement of the season. And the reason for the season? To celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. How cool that you remember those same feelings of excitement over my trusty, antique Advent calendar :)

  2. It can be argued that old things are always the best! In a world of Santa Claus (Jesus Christ's imposter) and chocolate, it is refreshing to see an advent calendar with no sugar and a warm nativity scene.

  3. I love our little creative decorations! :D


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