Sunday, July 19, 2009

Florianna Lendai Michael

This is the first part in a series of blogs about my family members on both my side and my wife's side. Today we will briefly explore my acquaintance with a sister-in-law named Florianna Lendai Ak Michael Mulok.

Florianna is the third of five daughters of my wife's parents. I first met this young lady while I was serving my mission in Kuching, Malaysia, around August 2003. I enjoyed visiting their house where her younger sister Florina used to play with me (Florina was only 9 years old at the time) and sharing messages with them. We had good times at Siar beach as well, going there on an unworthy old bus, and returning to Kuching in their father's car. Florianna was sitting in the front while Elder Andersen and I had a sleeping Florina lying across us!

Florianna and I met up again on a couple of other occasions, most notably when I was getting engaged to her older sister, Fidelia in 2005, now my lovely wife!

While my wife and I have been living in Kuantan, Florianna has visited us a number of times from Batu Pahat where she is studying at university.

She loves to dance and sing, like me, but I'm nowhere near as good as her! Like me, she loves reading books and gets bad migraines!! I guess you could say we are 'migraine buddies'! (My mother knows all too much about that too!) Florianna also gives a real good pinch on the shoulder which when she executes it on me, I laugh as if joking, but boy it hurts!

Anyway, this is my sister-in-law Florianna, she's an interesting character, and I'm thrilled that through being married to Fidelia, I'm related to her!


  1. owh...very touching.... hehehehe ur a good writer...simple explanation bout me.... can i just copy and paste it inmy facebook...??hahha neway...that pic was awful...can i change it..???hahahhaa

  2. You look fine in that picture! Nothing to worry about...You can copy and paste to your facebook account, no problem..


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