Friday, July 24, 2009

Florina Urai Michael

Ok, part 4 in the family files coming up now.

Today I am writing about a very special sister-in-law. In fact, she is the first member of my wife's family who I became acquainted with, back in August of 2003. She was just 9 years old at the time as she came and sat down beside me in the church foyer. I began to speak to her and she asked me so many questions, good questions too. I was rather surprised. One particular question stands out in my memory. "Why do other Christians wear a cross?" "Why don't we?" I explained the answer to her, amazed that she was only 9 years old.

That first meeting was the start of a long friendship we have held since then. She was my favourite little girl in Kuching while I was a missionary there. I still remember bringing her biscuits and sweets each Sunday before her church meeting started. I really loved her and it was extremely hard for me when I was transferred to Ipoh in March 2004.

My family and I came back to visit Kuching in 2004 after my mission had finished, and I'm sure Urai knows how jealous I felt when she played with my sister the entire time we were at the beach!! Haha! Aaarrgghh!

Anyway, after 8 months being engaged to Fidelia, which 8 months drove me crazy, we finally got married on the 2nd May, 2006. Now that little girl who I loved on my mission, became my sister-in-law!

We go back a long way, me and Urai, and we still enjoy reminiscing about old times as well as building upon strong ties in the present, and generally having fun when we do get to see each other whether in Kuantan, or in KL. We love watching football together, and especially, above all else, we adore watching tennis be played the way it should be, by Roger Federer!!! C'mon Rog! She does also have a soft spot for Novak Djokovic. But I'm not sure if that's for the way he plays tennis, or his devastatingly good looks???!!! Cough cough...

Urai is very clever and beautiful, and I think with some good spiritual guidance she will turn out to be a very successful woman in the future, both economically and spiritually.


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