Saturday, July 25, 2009

Felicia Michael

Felicia is the oldest sister among my wife's siblings. I briefly met her in Kuching in October 2003 while she was still schooling. Six years on she has graduated and now works hard in Kuching as a civil engineer.

She is very generous and helps out her sisters when they are in need.

Felicia is an avid reader, and loves nothing more than to settle down with a good book, and time permitting, read it from cover to cover. She completed my Dan Brown collection when she presented me with a copy of 'Deception Point' for Christmas 2008. I promptly read it within a week.

She enjoys calling and talking to Lauren, just like Florianna, and Lauren loves saying their names over and over again!

So this is Felicia - she may not be seen much by us, but she's very much in our thoughts.

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