Monday, July 20, 2009

Felicity Anai Michael

In the second part of the family series, I summarise my acquaintance with Felicity Anai, the fourth sister out of five in my wife's family.

It was back in 2003 in Kuching when I first briefly met her when she returned for a short holiday from her school in Genting. She studied at secondary school up there in that nice cool place where misty clouds pass by and the scorching heat of the sun rarely comes.

When I got married I honestly knew the least about Felicity; I had only quickly met her in 2003. But as I got to know her better since being married to her sister, I've struck up a good friendship with her. Like me, she's thin and extremely clever. Well, maybe I'm not so good on the second comparison!

Felicity gets on really well with our daughter, Lauren, who always calls for "Anai" when we talk about her. Felicity now lives in Puchong where she studies nearby in Shah Alam. She will be heading to Australia next year to further her studies.

Felicity and I enjoy studying the scriptures whenever we are together. She also likes to sing and dance like Florianna!


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