Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gareth Thomas Horne

Gareth Thomas Horne is my younger brother who is generally noted for being born on Christmas Day of 1986. Growing up, my sister and I always used to be slightly jealous when on Christmas Day, he would receive 'double presents.' "But he has to wait all year for his," my mum would offer in his defence.

"Gaz," as we call him, is about a lot more than being born on a special date, though.

He was extremely shy up until his late teen years, when after finishing school, he started working at the Glenfield Co-op on the electrical department. This brought him out of his shell and prepared him well for his next task.

In December 2006, he began serving as a full-time representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, following in his brother's footsteps. He faithfully served in the London England Mission, returning home in January 2009.

One of the great times my brother and I had together was on the night of 26th May, 1999, in our living room. Gaz and I were in front of the TV watching Manchester United trail Bayern Munich by one goal to nil as stoppage time approached. We tried to console ourselves in admitting defeat, by insisting that Man. Utd had still done well to have already bagged two out of the three major trophies on offer. But in the next three craziest minutes of football ever, Man. Utd scored not just an equaliser, but a winner as well. Our house erupted twice amidst this madness as Gaz and I rejoiced in disbelief!

Gaz has recently been accepted into De Montfort University where he will study accounting. His great life continues to roll on!


  1. Rach, sorry for nabbing this picture of Gaz! It's a very nice shot.

  2. Hey Dunc, you missed out the part about my amazingly good lucks

  3. Make that good looks, must have been very tired when he wrote that :)

  4. Yeah hahaha! Anyway gaz, I was just reading how David Gill, the Chief Executive of Manchester United is an accountant, and worked his way up through smaller companies until he signed with Man.Utd...maybe you could follow in his footsteps???


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