Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kuantan at night on a 30-second shutter speed

The streaks of light from car headlamps race along Jalan Dato' Lim Hoe Lek, Kuantan

This is the junction in Kuantan intersecting East Coast Mall and Stadium Darul Makmur, including Jalan Dato' Lim Hoe Lek and Jalan Bukit Sekilau. These roads are very busy, particularly on holidays, as people flock to East Coast Mall for shopping.

I shot this image from the 18th floor of The Zenith Hotel during our recent stay there for my birthday. Must admit, I felt kind of like a sniper as I set up my tripod and programmed my equipment to shoot at a 30-second shutter speed, allowing the lens to capture all the movement of the vehicle headlamps.

Even with a tripod, I had to be immaculately delicate pressing the shutter button so as to avoid any type of blur. It was a worthwhile and stimulating experiment!


  1. Nice job! If you do a lot of these you might get a shutter release cable (if your camera would take it) or a camera with a remote control shutter release. Stops potential shakes.
    But it seems you are doing quite well as is (unless you have 20 blurry images for every smooth one)

  2. Hi Joe, yes I love the idea of a remote controlled shutter release, that would be a big help!

  3. Cool. But you could have set the timer on your camera (that little clock like picture in one of the mode dial) to allow the shutter release a few seconds later after you press it.

  4. Yes Mr. Wong, amidst my excitement I never thought of that! Thanks :)

  5. I could here you clicking away on your DSLR camera when you were taking this kind of photograph. Hehe

    The picture looks stunning! Good job my hunnychum!

  6. Thanks Fidelia for not disturbing me while I was clicking away!


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