Tuesday, October 29, 2013

7 tips to keep your tummy safe while travelling in South-East Asia

Yes, I've been living in South-East Asia for over 9 years now, and the tummy is still the main issue. I just can't have really spicy food as it messes up the harmony of my tummy. I've learned to 'test' food before I tuck into it, particularly that which is brought from outside stalls which may not be completely trustworthy.

And it's not only the local stuff. Western fast food, especially McDonalds, really makes me sick! (Apart from a good occasional Whopper Burger from Burger King)

I was recently contacted by a lady who has developed a lovely infographic for Gaviscon (as can be seen below) detailing 7 tips to keep your tummy safe while travelling in South-East Asia. It was very relevant for me, and I hope it will be beneficial for you too. Go ahead and visit Gaviscon's website.

While being in Malaysia is full of wonderful surprises, looking after your tummy is an important part of being here. This infographic will give you 7 easy-to-follow tips to keep your tummy safe while travelling in South-East Asia so you can enjoy every minute of your journey in this awesome area without a care in the world!


  1. What about the water Duncan ? When we went to Bali and Penang it was always the water that we had to make sure we didn't drink..

  2. Good advice, I think they are also useful if you travel to other destinations, such as Mexico!

  3. I thought once you lived there you adapted. Do the people born there have similar problems?
    We usually do when traveling.

  4. Grace, yes you shouldn't drink tap water her. We have to either boil it or drink bottled water.

    Joe, I have adapted well but there are still some spicy foods or unclean foods that can affect me or even locals. Just have to be careful what you choose to eat!

  5. Something to keep in mind if I am ever so lucky to visit your country.


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