Friday, October 25, 2013

Our stay at The Zenith Hotel, Kuantan, October 2013

We go back a long way with The Zenith Hotel. I began photographing its construction from nothing but waste land to the 5-star hotel, tallest building in Kuantan which it is today. 

Click this link to see some of the construction progress I have captured in photographs.

From watching this hotel grow on our doorstep and possessing a collection of photographs of its progress, it always feels a little extra special for us when we go there.

The Zenith Hotel on a beautiful day in Kuantan

We stayed at The Zenith Hotel in the Deluxe Superior King room complete with living area, reclining chair and king-size bed, not to mention huge windows with panoramic views of Kuantan and beyond.

The Deluxe Superior King at The Zenith Hotel is a big room!

Living area in Deluxe Superior King, The Zenith Hotel, Kuantan

King size bed in the Deluxe Superior King room at Kuantan's The Zenith Hotel

We paid RM400 for the room and were not disappointed. Clean, comfortable, soundproof.

The awesome windows with grand views of Kuantan

Standing by the magnificent windows at The Zenith Hotel with Leah

As it was my birthday the following day, we had some friends around to celebrate in our room.

Following are just a few of the awesome views of Kuantan we observed from our hotel room:

A view of Berjaya Megamall with the South China Sea in the background, taken from The Zenith Hotel, Kuantan

The Pahang State Mosque sits in the centre of Kuantan town

East Coast Mall and Stadium Darul Makmur are prominent landmarks on the Kuantan skyline

We even managed some exercise during our stay at The Zenith Hotel. Fidelia worked out in the gym:

While I expended some energy by jumping on the bed:

Had a very nice buffet breakfast in the morning, and what made it complete was a surprise rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung by the staff in The Dining Room. One lady staff had a very alert ear when we casually told her we were staying here in conjunction with my birthday. Ten minutes later, and a whole group of staff are singing to me and presenting me with a small birthday cake! Amazing! (Gosh, I should have brought my camera down to breakfast!!!)

I highly recommend a stay at The Zenith Hotel in Kuantan. The hotel oozes quality and you can be assured of a great experience!


  1. Beautiful images of a lovely hotel!

  2. What a wonder stay. I srayed there once. Went for the bbws which was held there. Place was comfy :)

  3. I love these beautiful photos! What a wonderful place, great hotel! Take care of yourself!

  4. phew yoh. can jump so high and land on bed ^^

  5. You jumping photo beat everyone else, lovely family included! I like the architecture of the hotel and the room looks really great!

  6. I'll keep it in mind Duncan..looks like you had the perfect birthday celebrations!

  7. Looks and sounds like a great time, Duncan. Love your photos. It is nice to have a soundproof room!

  8. I always enjoy our stay at The Zenith Hotel. Now I am in love with the bigger room! :D

  9. Very cool architecture. You will put it on the map! Enjoy your night shots too


  10. Thanks for all your visits and comments - get jumping on those beds!


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