Saturday, October 26, 2013

Exterminating mosquitoes in Kuantan

There have been two very recent cases of dengue fever in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan. This results from bites of infected mosquitoes. They like to breed in stagnant water, which is unfortunately quite common in blocked drains by the sides of the roads here. On occasion, people from Health and Safety have been to our home to check for any stagnant water on our balcony, in buckets in the bathroom, even in our toothbrush cup.

I can't over-emphasize the importance of eliminating all stagnant water in our homes and surroundings. At worst, dengue fever is a killer. In hospitals in Malaysia it is usually treated with a drip and believe it or not, by asking the infected person to drink plenty of 100plus, an isotonic drink!

This evening the health officers came with their mosquito exterminating guns and gas masks to fill the entire area with clouds of repellent. We all ran outside to watch and, in my case, take plenty of photos!

This is the best image I snapped, which I think best illustrates the issues of stagnant water, lack of proper rubbish disposal, and the scourge of dengue fever:

A health officer equipped with exterminator gun and gas mask sprays clouds of repellent around our apartment block in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan in response to two recent cases of dengue fever here.


  1. Oh dear, I worry about all of those chemicals in the air. I've seen many workers in KL carrying out the fogging without protective gear... Yikes!

  2. Beside isotonic drink,crap soup seems to help a dengue patient increase their platelets count.

  3. Are they still using DDT there? They used to here, but then after all of the health risks were exposed I haven't seen fogging like that in the US.
    We have some problems here in the desert with people being evicted from their homes, and then the untended swimming pools become mosquito havens, and some serious diseases result.

  4. Joe they used to use DDT but I've heard it is not used anymore due to health reasons. Stagnant water brings all sorts of problems!


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