Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zenith Hotel November 2010

It's been a while since I took the short walk down the road to the Zenith Hotel. I have been somewhat disillusioned ever since I witnessed the Marina Bay Sands Singapore. But gradually I've come to the realisation that Singapore is a much more advanced, first-world, clean, tidy and beautiful country which the Marina Bay Sands hotel beautifully compliments. Malaysia, and in particular, Kuantan, is a lot more modest, small, third-world, struggling with garbage disposal problems, relatively unknown when compared with the mighty Singapore. 

So the Zenith Hotel fits right in perfectly. A 24-story hotel may be tiny in Singapore terms but for Kuantan, it's now the new tallest building in this town. And whereas the design of the Zenith Hotel may not be strikingly amazing like the Marina Bay Sands, it is unique in its own way and is certainly an eye-catcher around these parts.

One hopes that the Zenith Hotel is just the start, a good beginning to even greater and better things for Kuantan.

View of the Zenith Hotel across an open field

THE ZENITH HOTEL is up in letters as work on the hotel surroundings hastily goes on

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