Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zenith Hotel Opening Moved to January 1st, 2011

So the Zenith Hotel will not be opening until January 1st, 2011. There are still plenty of things which need to be done before it can genuinely be ready for operation. Here are a few pictures of the Zenith Hotel which will display its current level of development and show you why it isn't quite ready as yet.

Pallets of materials line the side of Zenith Hotel

The basement entrance looks nowhere near ready

Pallets are loaded up high and bricks strewn across the entrance to the Zenith Hotel

A bonsai tree stands in front of Zenith Hotel
A second bonsai tree waits in the background, but since this picture was taken, the trees have been moved to a mystery location

Piles of bricks are stacked in front of the Zenith Hotel as work is very much ongoing

Zenith Hotel's next-door neighbour - a monitor lizard. Sleep tight!
Zenith Hotel stands beside East Coast Mall, Kuantan
Zenith Hotel is lit-up every night now as workers continue after hours
Work is going on in the reception/foyer area as the Zenith Hotel struggles to be ready by January 1st, 2011
View of Zenith Hotel from the side
The lower walls are still dirt-stained from the ongoing work at Zenith Hotel


  1. Looks like it's going to be a nice hotel. I love the bonsai trees!

  2. mind to take away the bonsai from d hotel for me? :X

  3. Yes the bonsai trees are a nice addition. Garry, I would love to help you out with the bonsai but they've disappeared! Not sure where exactly on site they have been placed!

  4. the zenith hotel will be ready before x'mas.

  5. Really? That's just 3 weeks away. Where did you get your info, anonymous?

  6. Hi Duncan.. would like to know whether Zenith Hotel is operating by Swedish? Is it rating 5 stars?

  7. TheMan, as far as I know, the Zenith Hotel is managed by Zenith Hotel Management Services Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian company. It will be a five-star hotel.

  8. Hi Duncan, the Zenith lives up to its name, does it not? It towers above everything else man-made, that is. I think it will help draw more people to Kuantan to help the local economy. Your polling exercise seemed to confirm the fact that most people believe in its success. I'm also curious as to how anonymous obtained the info that it will be ready before Christmas. I'd love to have a peek at the inside over Christmas weekend. Newcomer

  9. Hello anonymous, thanks for your contribution here. Perhaps you could identify yourself then we can chat more about this hotel.

    My polling exercise showed that the vast majority of people thought the Zenith Hotel would be a success, but the fact that only 27 people voted, compared to a population of 607,000 people who live in Kuantan, gives a 0.004% feedback - a pretty insignificant set of results!

    I'm likewise doubtful that it'll be finished by Christmas, maybe not even the new date of Jan 1st 2011.

  10. Hi Duncan, you can call me FC. I'm new to Kuantan and find your blog offering a refreshing view of the place. You see many things that locals probably take for granted like the monitor lizard that lives next door to the Zenith.

    Indeed your polling sample is small. Nevertheless, those who take an interest in the goings-on in Kuantan (although just 27 of them) seem to think positively of the hotel.

    Personally, I think this is a mighty ambitious project but it might just be the catalyst to help propel Kuatan to the next level. With the amount of money invested in this project, I'm certain no effort will be spared to promote it. Its success will mean higher traffic to Kuantan and the multiplier effect may be quite great.

    My two cents' worth of opinion.... FC

  11. FC, thanks for taking the time to return to my blog and offer your insights.

    I'm pleased that you enjoy my posts on the Zenith Hotel - I also enjoy snapping pictures, finding monitor lizards nearby, and then writing it all up!

    It's an ambitious project and quite a risky one in such a small town. I just hope that they will do all possible to promote it, as you mentioned. Just being a 5-star hotel in itself is a big attraction, but with the right promotion and package offers, it could generate a lot of traffic.

    I hope Kuantan is ready for that.


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