Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Play time at East Coast Mall

LOVE this picture!!!

We were planning on taking Lauren to the adjacent children's playground but unfortunately it was full of older children boisterously darting around, so we settled for this more gentle entertainment.

On another occasion we spent some time in MBS book store where Lauren demonstrated her alacrity when it comes to testing pens! She eventually found a suitable one!

The Children's Corner is a very nice section of the book store and Lauren spent some good time looking through various books, stimulating her attentive mind, under the watchful supervision of the camera lens, and of course, mummy, in the background.

There is a wonderful little shop on the Ground Floor of East Coast Mall with a Japanese theme running the length of its aisles. Lauren enjoyed the colourful cats whilst Fie and I were amused with the skull telephone!


  1. Love the shop's notice on the little chair-ONLY FOR CHILDREN'S. Classic!

  2. I take it you are referring to the grammatical mistake of the inclusion of 's... We notice many such errors all around us!


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