Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Shorts

Shorts are the most popular piece of clothing in Malaysia. I rarely wear anything longer (jeans when we go out shopping at a mall). May is the hottest month of the year here in Kuantan so we recently found some lightweight shorts to enhance our comfort.

Women look great in flowers

Real men wear flowers

We found these matching shorts at the Hari-hari clothes shop down the road for RM6.90 each. A pretty good price I'd say. We are still looking forward to going to the beach in them!


  1. So no package for Lauren from her Granddad Horne yet? What a shame...she'd have outshone you all.

  2. No mum...not here yet!!! :'(

  3. It would appear that the package has been 'lost' (or rather stolen) in the post. Posting packages to Malaysia is so untrustworthy, I'm quite disappointed!

  4. You should report it as not received.
    Is nothing sacred? You should have the Royal Mail over there.


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