Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A leisurely stroll around East Coast Mall

East Coast Mall. The most happening place in Kuantan, or so it says on its main facade. I strained to think of somewhere other than EC Mall to go and spend a night together with my wife and daughter. But EC Mall was the only place we could summon up from our creative memory slots (which must be rather bleak!)

Anyway, we made the short drive down to this yellow mall and had a saunter around, spending the bulk of the time in our favourite shop, Parkson.

While we have bought a few things from this store in the past, it has been but lower priced little objects like photo frames and air fresheners. We dream of the day in the future when we will be able to walk its shiny floors and make purchases of posh smart shirts, smooth duvets or home ornaments and vases.

Lauren walked quite a lot of the time so it was lucky we brought along a bottle of milk for her to guzzle down whilst continuously looking over her shoulder at people weighing up the standard of back-packs nearby.

There are lots of mirrors, as you would expect in a clothes store, scattered around Parkson, so my wife and I took advantage of a photo opportunity.

After a hard hours' window shopping and chasing Lauren through aisles of clothes and toys, I slump on the bench in a changing room whilst Fidelia tries on an item of clothing.

Actually, this is the first time since my ingrowing toenail popped up, that I've been able to wear my sports shoes! It felt familiarly comfortable to once again pull on a pair of socks and slip on my favourite pair of trainers.

Lauren, meanwhile, became fascinated with the three other Lauren's who suddenly appeared in the changing room...

After being on her feet for more than an hour, she eventually collapsed to the floor to rest her weary legs.

After calling for her to stand up and re-join us, she promptly turned her back...

And then became occupied with something from the First Floor...

We finished our night with the routine visit to KFC, and by the time we reached home it was 10pm and time for bed.


  1. Your gorgeous wifeMay 4, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    This article is so FUNNY! Haha! I still remember Lauren said "There are two Laurens on the mirror. One, two!" Hahaha!

  2. I LOVE that mirrored picture of Lauren. FOUR Laurens...now how cute is that??

  3. Just goes to show...even a routine outing can be transformed into a good time and a funny blog entry!


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