Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kuantan Parade

On Monday night we ventured out to Kuantan Parade, the third and oldest shopping mall in Kuantan. We have only been there twice before in four years, so it was high-time we paid the place another visit.

The entrance's draping lights were very attractive as we made our way inside. We had a saunter around The Store where there were belts galore......

......and where Fie sampled a load of prospective sunglasses, with these two being the chosen ones for a future purchase:

I think we prefer the slightly less striking black ones!

You know, whenever we go to one of Kuantan's malls, we just can't resist the sumptuous pull of KFC, and so we ended up there again that night. I ordered a zinger burger combo meal whilst my wife enjoyed another snack plate meal. Here is our delightful moment...

Fie washes down her food with pepsi

I enjoy a pose with the nice wall pattern

And Lauren opens her eyes wide after I told her not to close them when I'm taking a picture of her!

And after we consumed our fast food, I found a cheap pair of sunglasses which look rather cool:

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