Monday, May 17, 2010

Lauren Sawai Horne in Denim and Gold


"Don't say 'la' - it's slang....Gori"

(Much laughter)

Yes, this is a brief but entertaining dialogue we had with Lauren over the word 'gorilla' and the Malaysian slang term 'la'. Lauren thought we were wrongly using the slang term 'la' at the end of gorilla and so promptly corrected us by stating the word should actually be 'gori' minus the 'la'!

I am guilty because I still utter this expression myself sometimes - it just slips out easily at the end of certain sentences, but I really try not to use it - I'm an English teacher for Pete's sake!

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Lauren and that you may reflect on the new 'proper' English word, "gori"!

Don't remember what she's holding

Oh yeah, it's a hair clip!

She really does love me - it's not just for the camera! We were watching CSI Las Vegas the other day and I explained everything that was happening to an intrigued Lauren. {The person is dead, now they want to find out how she died, why she died, and who killed her} Lauren listened intently throughout. So, sometime later in the day, for whatever reason, Lauren just started attacking me, attempting to hit, kick and scratch me. She ended up giving me a hefty kick on the shin, so I fell to the floor and pretended to be dead. Fidelia then told her that she had killed me and I was dead, and Lauren cried and sobbed and wailed. Whilst still pretending to be dead, I smiled to myself as Lauren buried her head in mummy's shoulder. Wow, she loves me!!!

Preparing for motherhood early!

Cute chin


  1. Your gorgeous wifeMay 17, 2010 at 3:46 PM

    Oh... cute! Yeah, hun... she loves you so much!!! You are not dead yet! She is so happy! haha!

  2. GORI ! GORI ! GORI ! I just thought of one ! its Vanill... no more Vanilla !!! U pretended to be dead ??? She must been so scared.. hahahaha.. Vanill !!!

  3. Yes Malvinder, the English language needs to go through a modification, removing all "la's" from existence! Please notify me if you find any more suspect words


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