Monday, May 3, 2010

Hiatus explained and a 4-year wedding anniversary

I've been away on a 6-day hiatus from the daily postings on my blog. These last 2 months have been ones of illness and sickness of both the internal anatomy and the outer flesh.

First came the food poisoning from infected sausages. After vomiting four times and enduring nasty stomach pains, I overcame it, only to be inflicted with an ingrowing toenail. It was bloody, gooey and messy, not to mention painful when even faintly touched. That lasted for around a month and is only just fully recovering now. Then along came the tonsilitis with the accompanying sore throat, phlegmy cough, headache and tiredness. Finally I have just cast off a gassy stomach which has caused me days of gastric discomfort where I've been largely unable to eat. The medicine was the worst I have ever tasted, some kind of foul potion of off milk blended into cow's urine, mixed with ceramic balls. Vile. But it did the job. (A swill of pepsi immediately after popping the medicine helped to offset the awful bitter taste). Throw in a couple of severe headaches, and I've had it pretty bad of late.

However, I believe there is a purpose for all of our suffering, even when we can't accept it or understand it. During the last week while I have been battling my sick stomach, I have grown in love and patience towards my little daughter. Whether that is due to my increased effort to live virtues, or my inability to get angry with her due to my sickness, or a combination of both, I'm not entirely sure. But what I do recognise is that this period of ill health has seen me become more patient and compassionate to Lauren, and I'm chuffed about that.

Yesterday, on 2nd May, 2010, my lovely wife and I celebrated four years of marriage together. I can't quite believe how fast the time has gone, nor how far we have come during that time. Thankfully there has been no hiatus in our love for each other during these four years of marriage!

We ordered an anniversary cake from Mrs. Lee's Baker House downstairs, and she made yet another lovely cake which was not terribly cloying like a Secret Recipe cake, neither bland and dry like an awful sponge cake you find for free at Hari Raya or CNY. Here are the pictures:


  1. Your gorgeous wifeMay 3, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    I'm glad you are feeling a lot better today hun! The RM1 charge to see a doctor really helps! Please do not finish the cake while I am at work! Hehe!

  2. With my renewed appetite, who knows what I'm capable of?! Don't worry, there will be some waiting in the fridge for you!

  3. Are you feeling better?
    Hoped that everything fine at your side. :)
    Stay Healthy....

    Last but not least, Happy 4th Anniversary and many more years to go...

  4. Duncan,
    Your Mother is so glad to hear you are well! Sounds like you've had a terrible time recently.
    And I'm happy that you are celebrating your 4th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!
    I've missed you on here.
    God bless,
    Love you xoxoxox

  5. Thanks to those who have wished me well. I am pleased to announce that I have now had 2 whole days of good health, so things are definitely looking up!


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