Friday, September 18, 2009

Aquarium Update

The excitement of having tiny fish swimming around an aquarium has all but gone, although I do still watch them now and again and their beautiful body artwork.

However, I have to report the passing of 3 of them to causes unknown. Maybe the changing of their water disturbed their tiny little bodies. I heard that temperature changes can throw them off. Perhaps I fed them too much. The third of our fish to depart this life was my personal favourite whom I had named Xavier. It was sad to see his tummy ballooning until I woke up yesterday morning to find him lying prostrate on the stony floor with no signs of life. I hope I didn't overfeed him, although none of the others have had the same problem.

Anyway, we are down to 5 now. Maybe there were too many fish for such a small aquarium. Well, so far they seem happy now, the remaining five. Hopefully I won't have to report any more deaths for quite a while!


  1. you should add some anti chlorine into the water...kuantan's fresh water contain high volume of chlorine...u can get the chlorine tester from aquarium shop nearby to test the chlorine level...

  2. Hi Joe, we did try that, the pet shop supplied us with the accessories. I don't know if it was the temperature of the water we used to refill the tank...


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