Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday 5th September, 2009

Had an eventful day which started before the crack of dawn and finished at 2am the following morning. Following is a photo essay of this busy day.

Urai and I went for a 6.30am jog with her friend, Sharon this morning which was exhilarating. It's been so long since my glory cross-country days, and it felt really good to run once again, albeit very slowly.

Later we were shopping at Carrefour when we amusingly came across the following product we had just weighed...

As you can see, the price came to one cent, so with the discontinuation of the one cent coin and the consequent new rounding system, it meant that this particular item would be rounded down to ZERO CENTS if paid for separately! So Urai was all game to go and pay for it and we indeed got it for free! We will be looking for other 'bargains' like this in the future!

I had four hours of tuition class in between these two events, after which we decided to go for some KFC at Megamall. It's actually been a long time since we last ate fast food, so we treated ourselves.

We stopped by to watch an absolutely enchanting hair styling fashion show from Paris, France on the Ground Floor of Megamall before we went back home. The scariest and perhaps most impressive was the following woman stunningly designed and made up, and accompanied by the eerie music, created a pretty chilling atmosphere. Lauren was certainly scared!

We arrived home and Urai decided to practice her gymnastics with the following holds...

Lauren tried her very best to keep up with these difficult positions!

And finally I tried my skills at gymnastics moves but it didn't quite work out as I had pictured...

Tonight we watched Roger Federer's 3rd round clash with Lleyton Hewitt. Well, Federer notched up around a half-century of unforced errors in a very indifferent performance, but still possessed enough quality to beat Hewitt in four sets.

I was delighted this morning to learn that Andy Roddick had lost in an epic five-setter with fellow American, John Isner. One less hurdle in the great mans way to a 6th consecutive U.S. Open title.

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