Tuesday, September 10, 2013

La Casa Restaurant, Kuantan

La Casa is one of my very favourite restaurants in Kuantan.

La Casa is a roadside house, half of which has been renovated into a restaurant

La Casa is located on Jalan Teluk Sisek, just before the turn to Teruntum Zoo, and sits directly opposite the golf course. It is just a minute's drive from Teluk Chempedak beach.

Run by friendly Europeans, La Casa is a big hit for expats in the area, as well as locals who love Western food. We have enjoyed several visits to La Casa and come away very satisfied each time.

Here is a selection of some of the food we have ordered and loved from our visits:

I love the little decorational items around La Casa too, which add to its ambience and charm:

The 3 Princesses sitting on a bench outside La Casa

Candle on the table

Ok, guarantee is not spelled correctly, but it's a humourous sign nonetheless!

Got it?!


  1. Good food in your neck of the woods, brilliant. And beautiful daughters, they look so fine.

  2. Pretty and fun!, That rich food!

  3. :) Funny and delicious captures!!

  4. looks like nice food is served here.

  5. Very nice post. You probably know tha 'la casa' in Italian means both home and house, a perfect name for this very good place.

  6. Nice to have a favorite place to go to. (plus all of those others you have posted photos of)

  7. I always have trouble taking restaurant interior photos because of my tiny point-and-shoot, so love looking at these food photos - everything looks so good! And cute princesses:)

  8. 'We Guarantee Fast Service No Matter How Long it Takes' ... That's Malaysian English !

  9. Looks like a place with a wide variety. With that name I would have thought it to be a Mexican restaurant.

  10. Haha! some fun signage there Duncan! The food looks good, its good to have a place where you know you're sure to come away happy.
    I guess most people are happy about the new PM, they voted for him, I do hop they're not in for a big disappointment..it'll be an interesting three years :)

  11. The posters around the room look like they provide lots of cheeky entertainment. ;-)


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