Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When students interview their teacher

Today I just have to direct you over to our English class blog for a great post.

Last week in our English classes, we had our students interview me. And they sure asked some very interesting questions. Questions that made me cringe, questions that made me laugh, and questions that really got me thinking!

Read all of the most notable questions and the answers I gave by clicking this link:

Hop on over and let me know what you think!


  1. •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰
    Bonjour Duncan !!!
    Jolie photo !!!
    C'est intéressant d'être interviewé par tes élèves !!!
    Merci pour ce partage et bises !!!
    •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰

  2. Very fun questions, my favorite is: how many girlfriends? ja ja.

  3. Hi Duncan.
    Nice picture this is.
    Nice to be interviewed by your students.
    Regards, Irma


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