Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kafe Kopi Aliff

Kafe Kopi Aliff, Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan

Kafe Kopi Aliff is a brand new restaurant opened in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan. It occupies a corner shoplot on Lorong Sekilau 22, just a 1-minute drive from The Zenith Hotel and East Coast Mall.

A view inside Kafe Kopi Aliff

We decided to test their food the other evening. We opted for their fish and chips, part of the Western food they serve. As you can see from the menus, there is a decent offering of food for such a small restaurant:

The boss and workers preparing our meals

Fidelia and Lauren waiting for their food

Kafe Kopi Aliff is open from 12 lunchtime to 12 midnight

Fish and chips at Kafe Kopi Aliff

I must admit I was a little nervous when presented with my food. The 'chips' were actually potato wedges and the fish came in smaller pieces as opposed to one long piece. But the RM8 dish actually tasted very nice, and the wedges were really sumptuous. Maybe there could have been  a little more wedges, but fortunately enough, the boss provided us with additional wedges on the house!

Another day we ordered the Chicken Chop for RM10, a very good price. My wife gave it a positively encouraging 8/10!

The friendly boss at Kafe Kopi Aliff gladly posed for a picture

The three workers at Kafe Kopi Aliff

We will most probably be visiting Kafe Kopi Aliff many more times in the future. It helps being just downstairs from our house!

If you are in the area, you should stop by and give Kafe Kopi Aliff a try. While you're there, you can also say hi to me!

April 2013: Unfortunately, this cafe is now closed and out of business


  1. Looks delicious and how convenient that it's right downstairs from your house! Loving the Malaysia Boleh! banner at the top by the way :)

  2. What a convenient spot for you to drop by for a cuppa of coffee or tea tarik and roti canai anytime of the day or night. I guess you may have your readers coming to see you too, Duncan!

  3. Your side of the world continues to fascinate me, Duncan. But I should have waited to come here today. Lunch is not for another three hours, and your pictures made me hungry!

  4. You know what? It's hard to find good fish and chips in KL. I'm amazed that you found something resembling them in Kuantan ;-)

  5. *** Hello Duncan !!!! "Apa khabar ?" :o)

    Very nice this restaurant !
    hum ! :o)

    It reminds me when I was living in Malaysia (KL)

    Fidelia and Lauren are so pretty !!!! :o)

    Thank you for you beautiful photos !

    Have a good day Duncan !! :o) ***

  6. I enjoyed both the fish and chips and grilled chicken chop! I am glad we have a restaurant nearby that sells western food! Yummy...

  7. Yes it is sure convenient to have this little restaurant downstairs. Thank you to all who have enhanced this post with nice comments :)


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