Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

There is something beautiful and magical about a Christmas tree all lit up at night. I took some photos last night of our Christmas tree as we move closer to 'the' day:

The star atop Christmas trees represents the new star that appeared at Jesus Christ's birth

The three wise men travelled far to give gifts to Jesus Christ

Can you see the photographer?

to all my blog readers!


  1. Love picture No2. The shadow so clear and defined. The children must be so happy as the tree looks so good.

  2. Hi Duncan .. have a lovely time - looks like you're well organised .. enjoy the time with the little ones - Happy Christmas and New Year .. Hilary

  3. Beautiful tree and lovely gifts! Merry Christmas Duncan, Fidelia, Lauren and Leah!

  4. nice tree, the big day is coming

  5. Hi Duncan! I lost touch with you for awhile, but was glad when I picked you up on Hilary's post.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Merry Christmas!

  6. Looking at these photos make me smile. Especially love the second photo. Wishing you guys a happy and peaceful Christmas and the happiest of new years ahead of you!

  7. You tree and your photos are lovely. Happy Holidays my friend.

  8. ✿ ✿ ✿
    Je viens rapidement mais très sincèrement te souhaiter un JOYEUX NOËL !!! ☺
    Profite bien des moments en famille et régale-toi bien des bonnes choses du réveillon !!! ☺
    Je t'embrasse bien fort ! ☺
    Je t'envoie du soleil de Thaïlande !
    ✿ ✿ ✿

  9. Your tree looks great Duncan! Have a lovely relaxing Christmas with your family.

  10. May you have an enjoyable Christmas and a wondorous 2013.

  11. Beautiful photos, I like those beautiful pictures

  12. Very beautiful photographs.
    Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas for you and your family.

  13. Thank you for checking out my blog and for the Christmas wishes!

  14. Love these pictures! The lighting is great! My favorite is the one of the star! Awesome job!


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