Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aerial views of Kuantan at night

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of taking some aerial photos of Kuantan at night from our friend's hotel room on the 17th floor of The Zenith Hotel.

It was difficult as I was shooting through glass windows and trying to eliminate as many reflections as I could, but the results are not too bad!

Looking out towards Berjaya Megamall, Vistana Hotel and Teluk Chempedak, from the 17th floor corridor of The Zenith Hotel

View of East Coast Mall and Stadium Makmur from the 17th floor of The Zenith Hotel

Stadium Makmur in Kuantan. The floodlights are on, but no-one appears to be home!

Traffic on Jalan Dato' Lim Hoe Lek, Kuantan

A night view of East Coast Mall from the 17th floor of The Zenith Hotel

Roads in Kuantan. Jalan Dato Lim Hoe Lek crosses with Jalan Bukit Sekilau

Birds eye view from the 17th floor of The Zenith Hotel. The street lamps illuminate a row of parked cars

The same photograph, but with emphasis placed on the bright blue lighting of The Zenith Hotel

Street lamps light up the roads of Kuantan at night

I will have to take some more night photos around Kuantan at some point in the future. I'm quite happy with how these ones turned out :)


  1. I love the night view of Kuantan but I don't enjoy driving at night! The pictures are great babe! We should stay at The Zenith Hotel again sometime soon! :D

  2. Fantastic shots of all the lights, Duncan. I love taking rooftop photos. All the lights look amazing! Well done.

  3. Yes, great pictures, very bonitavistas night Kuantan.

  4. Thank you for the tour! I have been to Malaysia but only to Kuala Lumpur, and I was a child so I don't remember much. But I remember the huge shopping mall my mon and I visited...it took two days to see it all.

  5. Seems good traffic in Kuantan ! Good effort !

  6. Great photos. Fascinating how the blue light of the hotel drained the colour from everything else.

  7. Great series, Duncan! Very colourful night shots.

  8. Wow, there's just something about a city at night - these are wonderful night shots and views!

  9. I always know I'll be treated to a visual feast when I come over here for a visit. These photographs are truly stunning. I enjoyed them very much!

    May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!!
    Ann Best’s Blog

  10. Hi Duncan. You sure know how to make your city look pretty at night :^) Your perspective is wonderful!

  11. Thanks to all of those who have commented and enjoyed these photos!

    Welcome to my blog Caramella, thanks for visiting and hope you feel welcome!


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