Friday, September 7, 2012

Do you like free things?

"Do you like free things?"

That's what my neighbour, Doctor Goh asked me yesterday evening. I wondered where this was going to go. I replied,

"Yeah, if they're good"

That's when he showed me this:

Centrum multi-mineral multi-vitamin formula. For a long time I've been mulling over taking dietary supplements. Living in the desperate heat and humidity of Malaysia really does sap my energy at times, so a boost like this is much welcome!

And yes, I checked the expiry date, which is December 2012. (I know free things usually come with catches!) That gives me over 100 days to take the 100 tablets. I started today.

Do you take any dietary supplements?
Have they helped?


  1. i am ambitious when it comes supplements. i buy them and take them for a week and thats it. forgotten.
    bad. bad.

  2. I have a cupboard full of them but they always upset my digestion and I abandon them, yet I keep buying more! Good luck with yours.

  3. The only supplement that I have taken has been created by flower pollen bees. Greetings.

  4. They sell that brand in England too.

  5. There is no such thing as free lunch, Duncan. Just like anything else, once your body get used to the multivitamins, you won't feel that they make any difference.

  6. Well, I am taking Pharmaton with Selenium (I think a Local Malaysian Brand), But I think it is very "heaty". So, I switch to taking them only 3-4 times a week and not as a daily supplement. I have no idea if they really help but it has been a habit after 40.

  7. My mother like this vitamin as well. I usually eat lots of vegetables and fruits, I hope it's enough! :)
    Happy Weekend,

  8. I take multivitamins with iron. I don't perceive a lot of difference, but that's probably because I've never gone an extended time without them that I can remember.

  9. There are SO many discussions on this topic, if multivitamins really have any benefit to our bodies. So there are always two camps, the YES BUY NOW camp and the, WASTIN' YO MONEY FOO camp.

    I say that a good vitamin C is great for your system as well as Krill oil. I also find Amway's nutritional lineup pretty good! Check it.

  10. I appreciate all the comments here. It does indeed seem to be an endless debate concerning supplements to our diet. Fortunately these Centrum tablets were given to me for free, but we'll just have to wait and see if I'll go ahead and buy some more once these are finished!

  11. Hi, I take Multivitamins with iron for 60 days, then quit for 60 days, then restart. I also take a spoonful of Manuka honey every other day.

    I feel the benefits. If my iron count drops, I feel tired, and lifeless, and get out of breath easily.

    That brand of vitamins is a good one.


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