Monday, August 20, 2012

Pantai Sepat (Sepat Beach), Kuantan

Pantai Sepat is a straight stretch of sand and sea in Kuantan. It's a lovely beach located by the roadside at the Tanjung Lumpur side of Kuantan. Travelling over the bridge to Tanjung Lumpur, drive straight past the Yayasan Pahang building. The next left turn at a junction is the road to take you past Sungai Soi. A few more kilometres and the beach will materialise on your left-hand side.

Pantai Sepat is literally by the roadside. It sits in jungle-type land with many old wooden houses in the vicinity and herds of cows grazing on the grass or taking a lie down under a shady tree. Young boys on bicycles cycled on the wrong side of the road in front of our car.

I love these twisted trees at Pantai Sepat

Lauren poses beautifully by the trees!

I enjoyed our short visit to Pantai Sepat, but it was just too hot!

Lauren at Pantai Sepat

A stray knarled branch lies on the beach

Fidelia stayed in the car with Leah while I took photos

Little purple flowers run from the grass onto the beach


  1. Been there only once, with some friends. But that was a long time ago. A nice place to picnic. Nice pictures all, Duncan. Esp the bent and gnarled trees.

  2. Hello friends!
    Amazing place, the beach looks so peaceful and your pictures are great!Lauren is a doll!

  3. Ordinary malaysian, thanks for the subtle correction of 'gnarled'.

    Cezar & Leia, it's good to converse with you again after quite a while. Thanks for visiting. Lauren knows how to pose well!

  4. Nice place, on the beach and these amazing trees. Greetings.

  5. Lovely pictures have you posted Duncan,and Lauren is really a beauty.

    Thanks for this nice impression.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  6. I really love the last two shots. The trees are very interesting.

  7. What a gorgeous looking beach, maybe a return trip when the weather is a little cooler.

  8. Beautiful Lauren, I like this funny and sweet portrait.

  9. Beautiful views as usual. Lauren is growing so quickly. You said that it was too hot there. Well we now have hot here in Leicester. It got up to about 25 last week! Phew!!

  10. Leovi, I think Lauren and the trees stole the show!

    Thanks for coming over Joop. Lauren makes my photos so much better :-)

    Thanks Randy, it was so bright on that day that I couldn't see the camera screen when taking those two photos. Thankfully they turned out so well!

    Hi Linda, that would be nice but I'm afraid it never gets cooler here!

    Wow Ros! 25 degrees here is considered cold! That's the temperature during the rainy season.

  11. Oh, no, wasn't meant to a be a correction(subtle or not), Duncan. LOL.

  12. Hey Duncan!

    Yeah, those last two photos of the purple flower are very nice.

    I hope you weren't wearing JEANS. You seem to wear jeans a lot! Even during the blistering heat!

  13. Thanks anyway, ordinary malaysian, I should have known better :)

    Keith, it was indeed jeans. Let's just say I'm well accustomed to the Malaysian heat and don't want too much sunburn!


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