Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blog Hopping

During a spare hour this afternoon while my oldest daughter was colouring, my youngest daughter was sleeping, and my wife chatting with her sisters on Whatsapp, I had a hop around the blog world, to check in on what my friends are up to today. I enjoyed seeing the variety of different friends I have and posts they displayed. Here's a run-down of what people are up to today:

First up is Mary's food. Mary has a plethora of tasty recipes just waiting to be discovered!

My friend Doug takes some wonderful photos with well-explained captions, like this one:

Follow Travelling Hawk as she takes you on a journey of Japan

My fellow-countryman, John, and I, really enjoy the Malaysian sun. Here he is in Johor Bharu:

Lotta from Sweden takes lovely photographs of the Swedish countryside

Rosalind and I are both from Leicester, England. She's a really good writer. Today she wrote a reminiscing piece about a teddy bear and her grown-up daughter

Andrea is busy tending her garden:

Leovi is sharing more of his mouthwatering images

Hope you enjoyed that little blog hop around America, Europe and Asia. If you have a few minutes, go and pay a visit to any of these people who catch your interest. I'm sure they'd appreciate your visit!

Have a great day!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list of worldly blog friends. I just love the way we've all got to know each other so well. And now you've introduced me to more of your friends who I've never met before so I shall go off and visit them now.

    By the way I find this white background on your blog much easier to read than the darker one you used to have - just thought I'd say :-)

  2. Interesting and varied post, I loved your tour of the blogosphere, and thank you very much for your stop on my own, I am filled with hope and happiness.

  3. Rosalind, you're very welcome. I loved your written piece today. Hope you stumble across some interesting blogs on my list! I'm sure glad you prefer this white background! haha!

    Leovi, you are very welcome, have a great day!

  4. I liked the Traveling Blog Hawk, curiously in Spain is a travel agency with that name. Yes, it's bad news for the world of tennis nadal is not in the U.S. Open.

  5. Duncan thank you for sharing the various blogs. I shall pay a visit to each and every blog later. I m sure there are something of interest to discover.


  6. I enjoyed your blog hop around the world Duncan and will pay a visit sometime to those I do not already know. By the way I think my husband was a little disappointed in the result.

  7. Very interesting Leovi!

    Hi Lili, hope you do find something worthwhile.

    Thanks Randy and Linda. I just wish England would perform when things really matter.

  8. I always enjoy reading Travelling Hawk's journey. And her photos too are inspiring.

    Will check out the other links this weekend. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Duncan,
    I love that you've shared your friends with us. I went to see about that teddy bear and left all misty eyed.

    You have reinforced my belief that there are so many wonderful, good people in this world.

  10. Rizalenio, you are welcome. I believe we've both been following Traveling Hawk for quite some time now.

    Jennifer, the teddy bear piece was very touching wasn't it? You're right, thete are yet plenty of good people on this planet!


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